Chi-Jen Wang

Chi-Jen Wang

office: Room 438

Phone: (05)2720411#66106

Fax: (05)2720497


Specialized Areas

  •  Stochastic Dynamical Systems 
  •  Differential Equations
  • Bioinformatics
  • Mathematical Modeling and Computation
  • Data Mining




Degree Institution

  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Iowa State University


  • Associate Professor


Journal Articles

  1. Jong-Shenq Guo, Nikos I. Kavallaris, Chi-Jen Wang, and Cherng-Yih Yu (2022, Nov). Bifurcation diagram of a Robin boundary value problem arising in MEMS. Hiroshima Mathematical Journal, 52(3), 311–320. (SCIE). MOST 109-2115-M-194-004-MY2.
  2. Yong Han, Dapeng Jing, Yilong Luan, Chi-Jen Wang, Marek Kolmer, Zhe Fei, Michael C. Tringides, and James W. Evan (2022, Jul). Thermodynamically driven Formation of Intercalated Cu Carpets from Supported Cu Pyramids on MoS2. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 13, 6651-6656. (SCIE). MOST 109-2115-M194-004-MY2.
  3. Da-Jiang Liu, Chi-Jen Wang, James W. Evans (2021, Jul). Phase transitions in Schloegl's second model for autocatalysis on a Bethe lattice. Physical Review E, 104, 014135. (SCIE). MOST 109-2115-M-194-004-MY2.
  4. Jong-Shenq Guo, Bo-Chih Huang, Tohru Wakasa, Chi-Jen Wang, Cherng-Yih Yu (2020, Oct). The structure of stationary solutions to a micro-electro mechanical system with fringing field. Journal of Differential Equations, 269 (9), 7676-7704. (SCIE) MOST 107-2115-M-194-002-MY2.
  5. Chi-Jen Wang, Da-Jiang Liu, and James W. Evans (2020, Feb).  Extended families of critical and stationary droplets for nonequilibrium phase transitions in spatially discrete bistable systems, Physical Review E, 101, 022803. (SCIE) MOST 105-2115-M-194-011-MY2.
  6. Teng-Wei Tsai, Jia-Lin Fang, Chin-Yu Liang, Chi-Jen Wang, Yu-Ting Huang, Yu-Jen Wang, Jyun-Yi Li, and Ching-Ching Yu (2019, Oct). Exploring the Synthetic Application of Helicobacter pylori α1,3/4-Fucosyltransferase FucTIII toward the Syntheses of Fucosylated Human Milk Glycans and Lewis Antigens, ACS Catalysis, 9, 10712-10720. (SCIE). MOST 107-2115-M-194-002-MY2.
  7. Da-Jiang Liu, Chi-Jen Wang, and James W. Evans (2018, Sep). Discontinuous Phase Transitions in Nonlocal Schloegl Models for Autocatalysis: Loss and Reemergence of a Nonequilibrium Gibbs Phase Rule. Physical Review Letters, 121, 120603. (SCIE). MOST 105-2115-M-194-011-MY2.
  8. YONG HAN, A. LII-ROSALES, Y. ZHOU,CHI-JEN WANG, M. KIM, M. C. TRINGIDES,C.-Z. WANG, P. A. THIEL, AND JAMES W. EVANS (2017, Oct). Nucleation and growth kinetics for intercalated islands during deposition on layered materials with isolated pointlike surface defects. Physical Review Materials, 1, 053403. (SCIE). MOST 105-2115-M-194-011-MY2.
  9. CHI-JEN WANG, DA-JIANG. LIU, JAMES W. EVANS (2015, Apr). Discontinuous non-equilibrium phase transition in a threshold Schloegl model for autocatalysis: Generic two-phase coexistence and metastability. Journal of Chemical Physics, 142, 164105.
  10. DA-JIANG LIU, ANDRES GARCIA, JING WANG, DAVID M. ACKERMAN, CHI-JEN WANG, JAMES W. EVANS (2015, Apr). Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of Statistical Mechanical Models and Coarse-Grained Mesoscale Descriptions of Catalytic Reaction–Diffusion Processes: 1D Nanoporous and 2D Surface Systems. Chemical Reviews, 115 (12), 5979–6050.
  11. CHI-JEN WANG, DAVID M. ACKERMAN, IGOR I. SLOWING, JAMES W. EVANS (2014, Jul). Langevin and Fokker-Planck Analyses of Inhibited Molecular Passing Processes Controlling Transport and Reactivity in Nanoporous Materials. Physical Review Letters, 113, 038301. 
  12. CHI-JEN WANG, YONG HAN, HOLLY WALEN, SELENA M. RUSSELL, PATRICIA A. THIEL, JAMES W. EVANS (2013, Oct). Analytic formulations for one-dimensional decay of rectangular homoepitaxial islands during coarsening on anisotropic fcc (110) surfaces. Physical Review B, 88, 155434. 
  13. CHI-JEN WANG, DA-JIANG LIU, JAMES W. EVANS (2012, Apr). Schloegl’s second model for autocatalysis on hypercubic lattices: Dimension dependence of generic two-phase coexistence. Physical Review E, 85, 041109. 
  14. CHI-JEN WANG, XIAOFANG GUO, DA-JIANG LIU, JAMES W. EVANS (2011, Sep). Schloegl’s Second Model for Autocatalysis on a Cubic Lattice: Mean-Field-Type Discrete Reaction-Diffusion Equation Analysis. Journal of Statistical Physics, 144, 1308-1328. 
  15. JONG-SHENQ GUO, BEI HU, CHI-JEN WANG (2009, May). A nonlocal quenching problem arising in a micro-electro mechanical system. Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, 67, 725-734.
  16. JONG-SHENQ GUO, SATOSHI SASAYAMA, CHI-JEN WANG (2009, Mar). Blowup rate estimate for a system of semilinear parabolic equations. Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis, 8 (2), 711-718.
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Conference Papers

1.Leonid A Bunimovich, Chi-Jen Wang, Seokjoo Chae, Benjamin Z Webb (2018, Aug). Uncovering Hierarchical Structure in Social Networks Using Isospectral Reductions . 2018 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM). MOST 105-2115-M-194-011-MY2