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The Department includes three graduate institutes, among which Institute of Mathematics and Institute of Applied Mathematics have both doctorate degree and master degree programs.

The courses provided serve to satisfy the teaching of special knowledge belonging to the specific area in which each institute is specialized. Although Institute of Statistical Science does not have doctorate degree program, in-depth courses covering statistics and probability theory at the level for doctorate degree candidates are available. Students who are interested in pursuing a doctorate degree in statistics and/or probability may be enrolled in Institute of Applied Mathematics and go through the normal requirements for obtaining the degree without particular restrictions. This shows how integrated and how flexible the Department has been in terms of the graduate degree programs.  

The whole aim for such a scheme is to allow students broader opportunity to widen their scope of learning and the possibility of a more diversified future. Since there is no clear-cut boundary to differentiate the specialties between that of Institute of Mathematics and of Institute of Applied Mathematics, the courses offered by the two institutes actually are well coordinated to supplement each other’s needs. Normally a course carries 3 credits.

The courses offered by the two institutes together include Function of Real Variables (I), Function of Real Variables (II), Ordinary Differential Equations (I), Ordinary Differential Equations (II), Partial Differential Equations (I), Partial Differential Equations (II), General Theory of Algebra (I), General Theory of Algebra (II), Introduction to Modern Geometry (I), Introduction to Modern Geometry (II), Introduction to Applied Mathematics (I), Numerical Linear Algebra, Partial Differential Equation Numerical Methods (I), Partial Differential Equation Numerical Methods (II), Numerical Ordinary Differential Equations, Applied Functional Analysis, Optimization Methods(I), Optimization Methods (II).

The courses offered at Institute of Statistical Science are usually related to statistics and probability.  However, students enrolled in the Institute may take courses in the other two institutes and obtain credits.  The courses currently offered include Probability Theory, Multivariate Methods, Mathematical Statistics (I), Mathematical Statistics (II), Regression Analysis, Experimental Design, Statistical Computation, Computational Statistics, Reliability Analysis, Survival Analysis, Statistical Quality Control, Statistical Forecasting Methods, Data Analysis.



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