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Chung Wei Shen

Chung Wei Shen

office: Room 448

Phone: (05)2720411#66132

Fax: (05)2720497

Email: cswshen@ccu.edu.tw / weya071444@yahoo.com.tw

Specialized Areas

  • Longitudinal data analysis
  • robust statistical inference

Degree Institution

  • Ph.D. in Statistics, National Central University


  • Associate Professor



Journal Articles

Journal papers *: corresponding author

  1. Chien Li-Chu, Chang Li-Ying, Shen Chung-Wei*. (2023) A model selection criterion for clustered survival analysis with informative cluster size. Pharmaceutical Statistics, 22: 79-95.   
  2. Chen Chun Shu, Shen ChungWei*. (2022) Distribution-free model selection for longitudinal zero inflated count data with missing responses and covariates. Statistics in medicine, 41: 3180-3198.
  3. Shen Chung-Wei, Chen Yi-Hau*, Chen Chun Shu* (2021) Distribution-free regression model selection with a nested spatial correlation structure. Spatial Statistics, 41: 100476.
  4. Chen Chun Shu, Shen ChungWei*. (2018) Model selection based on resampling approaches for cluster longitudinal data with missingness in outcomes. Statistics in medicine, 37: 2982-2997.
  5. Shen Chung-Wei, Chen Yi-Hau*. (2018) Model selection for semiparametric marginal mean regression accounting for within-cluster subsampling variability and informative cluster size. Biometrics, 74: 934-943.
  6. Shen Chung-Wei, Chen Yi-Hau* (2018) Joint model selection of marginal mean regression and correlation structure for longitudinal data with missing outcome and covariates. Biometrical Journal, 60: 20-33.
  7. Shen, Chung-Wei*, Chen, Yi-Hau (2015) Model Selection for Marginal regression analysis of longitudinal data with missing observations and covariate measurement error. Biostatistics, 16: 740-753.
  8. Shen, Chung-Wei; Chen Yi-Hau* (2013) Model Selection of Generalized Estimating Equations with Multiply Imputed Longitudinal Data. Biometrical Journal, 55: 899-911.
  9. Shen, Chung-Wei; Chen, Yi-Hau* (2012) Model Selection for Generalized Estimating Equations Accommodating Drop-out Missingness. Biometrics, 68: 1046–1054.
  10. Shen, Chung-Wei; Tsou, Tsung-Shan*; N. Balakrishnan (2011) Robust  Likelihood Inference for Regression Parameters In Partially-Linear Models. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 55: 1696-1714.
  11. Tsou, Tsung-Shan; Shen, Chung-Wei. (2008) Parametric robust inferences for correlated ordinal data. Statistics in medicine, 27: 3550- 3562.

Conference papers

1. Shen Chung Wei, Tsou Tsung-Shan* (2018) Robust Likelihood Inference for Regression Parameters in Generalized Partially Linear Models for Count Data. International Conference on Robust Statistics, Leuven –Belgium.



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