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Chueh-Hsin Chang

Chueh-Hsin Chang

office: Room 447

Phone: (05)2720411#66121

Fax: (05)2720497

Email: chuehhsin@ccu.edu.tw


Specialized Areas

  • Differential equations


Degree Institution

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, National Taiwan University



  • Associate Professor



Journal Articles

  1. Chueh-Hsin Chang, Chiun-Chuan Chen, Chih-Chiang Huang, 2021, Traveling wave solutions of a free boundary problem with latent heat effect, Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems – B, 26, 4, pp1797-1809 (SCI)
  2. Chueh-Hsin Chang and Tzi-Sheng Yang, 2021, Stability of Semi-Trivial Wavefronts in Reaction-Diffusion Systems, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 495, 1, pp124658- (SCI)
  3. Chueh-Hsin Chang,Chiun-Chuan Chen,Li-Chang Hung,Masayasu Mimura,Toshiyuki Ogawa, 2020, Existence and stability of non-monotone travelling wave solutions for the diffusive Lotka–Volterra system of three competing species, Nonlinearity, 33, 10, pp5080-5110 (SCI)
  4. Chueh-Hsin Chang, Cheng-Hsiung Hsu and Tzi-Sheng Yang, 2020, Traveling Wavefronts for a Lotka-Volterra Competition Model with Partially Nonlocal Interactions, Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Physik, (SCI)
  5. Chueh-Hsin Chang, Ching-Hao Yu, and Tony Wen-Hann Sheu, 2019, Space-time analysis and beyond: toward a better understanding of Camassa–Holm equation, Annals of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, 4, 2, pp367-393 
  6. Chueh-Hsin Chang, Yu-Shuo Chen, John M. Hong, Bo-Chih Huang, 2019, Existence and Instability of Traveling Pulses of Keller-Segel System with Nonlinear Chemical Gradients and Small Diffusions, Nonlinearity, 32, 1, pp143-167 (SCI)
  7. Chueh-Hsin Chang, 2018, The stability of traveling wave solutions for a diffusive competition system of three species, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 459, pp564-576 (SCI)
  8. Chueh-Hsin Chang, Ching-Hao Yu and Tony Wen-Hann Sheu, 2016, Long-time asymptotic solution structure of Camassa-Holm equation subject to an initial condition with non-zero reflection coefficient of the scattering data, Journal of Mathematical Physics, 57, 10, pp103508- (SCI)
  9. Ching-Hao Yu, Tony Wen-Hann Sheu, Chueh-Hsin Chang and Shijun Liao, 2015, Development of a numerical phase optimized upwinding combined compact difference scheme for solving the Camassa–Holm equation with different initial solitary waves, Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, 62, pp482-516 (SCI)
  10. Chueh-Hsin Chang and Tony Wen-Hann Sheu, 2015, On a spectral analysis of scattering data for the Camassa-Holm equation, Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics, 22, pp102-116 (SCI)
  11. Chueh-Hsin Chang and Chiun-Chuan Chen, 2013, Travelling wave solutions of a free boundary problem for a two-species competitive model, Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis, 12, pp1065-1074 (SCI)

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