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Jie-Huei Wang

Jie-Huei Wang

office: Room 450

Phone: (05)2720411#66113

Fax: (05)2720497

Email:   jhwang@ccu.edu.tw

Specialized Areas

  • Survival analysis 
  •  Nonparametric statistics
  • High-dimensional statistical learning
  • Bioinformatics





Degree Institution

  • Ph.D. in Statistics, National Tsing Hua University


  • Associate Professor


Journal Articles


1. Wang JH*, Chen YH (2023-06). Overlapping group screening for binary cancer classification with tcga high-dimensional genomic data. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 21(3):2350013. (SCIE)

2. Wang JH*, Yang CT (2022-07). Identification of Gene-Environment Interactions by Non-Parametric Kendall’s Partial Correlation with Application to TCGA Ultrahigh-Dimensional Survival Genomic Data. Frontiers in Bioscience-Landmark, 27(8):225. (SCIE)

3. Wang JH*, Wang KH, Chen YH (2022-05). Overlapping group screening for detection of gene-environment interactions with application to TCGA high-dimensional survival genomic data. BMC Bioinformatics, 23(1). (SCIE)

4. Su CY, Wang JH, Chang TY, Shih CL* (2022-04). Mass defect filter technique combined with stable isotope tracing for drug metabolite identification using high-resolution mass spectrometry. Analytica Chimica Acta, 1208:339814. (SCIE)

5. Wang JH*, Li CR, Hou PL (2022-03). Feature screening for survival trait with application to TCGA high-dimensional genomic data. PeerJ, 10(3):e13098. (SCIE)

6. Wang JH*, Chen YH (2021-08). Network-adjusted Kendall’s Tau Measure for Feature Screening with Application to High-dimensional Survival Genomic Data. Bioinformatics, 37(15):2150-2156. (SCIE)

7. Wu SJ*, Huang SR, Wang JH (2021-05). Determination of Warranty Length for One-shot Devices with Rayleigh Lifetime Distribution. Communications in Statistics -- Theory and Methods, 52(4):1-17. (SCIE)

8. Wang JH, Chen YH* (2020-05). Interaction Screening by Kendall’s Partial Correlation for Ultrahigh-dimensional Data with Survival Trait. Bioinformatics, 36(9):2763-2769. (SCIE)

9. Wang JH, Pan CH, Chang IS*, Hsiung CA (2020-04). Penalized Full Likelihood Approach to Variable Selection for Cox’s Regression Model under Nested Case-Control Sampling. Lifetime Data Analysis, 26(2):292-314. (SCIE)

10. Wang JH, Chen YH* (2018-09). Overlapping Group Screening for Detection of Gene-gene Interactions: Application to Gene Expression Profiles with Survival Trait. BMC Bioinformatics, 19:335. (SCIE)

11. Chien LH, Tseng TJ, Tsai FY, Wang JH, Hsiung CA, Liu TW*, Chang IS* (2018-01). Pattern of Age-specific Socioeconomic Inequalities in Net Survival for Common Cancers in Taiwan: A Country with Universal Health Coverage. Cancer Epidemiology, 53:42–48. (SCIE)

12. Fang YH, Wang JH, Hsiung CA* (2017-11). TSGSIS: A High-dimensional Grouped Variable Selection Approach for Detection of Whole-genome SNP–SNP Interactions. Bioinformatics, 33(22):3595–3602. (SCIE)


1. Wang JH, Chen YH*, Pan CH, Chang IS (2020-03). Non-Parametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Case-Cohort and Nested Case-Control Designs with Competing Risks Data. Statistical Modeling in Biomedical Research - Contemporary Topics and Voices in the Field (ISBN: 978-3-030-33416-1). New York, USA: Springer Nature Switzerland.

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